aerial filming music video

Aerial Filming Music Videos

Aerial Filming Music Videos Ever wondered how Aerial Filming Music Videos is done? We recently filmed the music video for Warner Brothers Records recording artist Royal Blood. We flew a client provided Canon 7D with Zeiss 1.2 Superspeed Anamorphic Lens so that it would match the Arri Alexa footage from the rest of the shoot. When you look at the …

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Aerial Photography For Universities

Aerial Photography For Universities Why aerial photography for universities? As a university you’re always looking to showcase the campus to prospective students as well as remind alumni of the beauty on campus. Aerial photography for universities can show your campus in ways you’ve never imagined. We can fly low, between buildings or even indoors. We can show off your common areas, …

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aerial filming golf course

Aerial Filming For Municipal Pools And Waterpark Facilities

Aerial Filming For Municipal Pools And Waterpark Facilities Aerial filming for municipal pools and waterpark facilities can provide a unique vantage point. You’ve taken the time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. The facility looks beautiful and is ready for the season.  Now what? How to drive new members and visitors alike in to your facility?  By using …

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Choosing An Aerial Photography Company

Are you choosing an aerial photography company for your next project? When choosing an aerial photography company, just a quick Google search will return many choices for you.  From companies with a small GoPro equipped quadcopter to companies like ours that specialize in DSLR and cinema camera footage.  How can you tell what is right for you?  First, make sure …

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