Miss America Aerial Filming

Aerial Cinematography for Miss America 2016

4K Aerial Cinematography We had the pleasure of working with Tall Pony Productions on the 2016 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City NJ where we created the cold open as well as other shots. All our work was done with the Blackmagic 4K Production Camera shooting RAW. When flying this camera, our stabilized aerial platform can provide 10 minute flight …

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red weapon aerial filming drone

Using An Aerial Camera To Shoot Stand-Ups

Using an aerial camera to shoot “stand ups” at Merck Pharmaceuticals. This seems to be a growing trend in aerial video work. We usually start with a medium shot of the talent then transition to the building in the background. Its way faster than a Jib. Now if they can just make these things a little quieter so we don’t …

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Using Video Drones For Aerial Oil And Gas Surveys

Using Video Drones For Aerial Oil And Gas Surveys When you have the need for aerial inspection services, unmanned helicopters are a great alternative. Have you wondered how you could be using drones for aerial oil and gas surveys? For example, companies can hire us to survey pipelines, check safety details of operations, inspect live flare emissions, detect offshore oil leaks …

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