drone cinematography for corporate video

Aerial Filming Case Study – ESPN

Our client called.  They had planned to film Alicia Keys in various locations around New York City to be used in various promotions for the US Open Tennis Tournament as well as a music video. The problem was that the client already hired a company and their chosen drone company decided that they couldn’t complete the job.  It’s not the first time we’ve heard this story. Many firms have the best of intentions and then either provide a quote that is too low to complete the job or realize after bidding it that they don’t have the necessary resources to complete the job.  Either way, our client needed aerial filming on short notice and we were glad to help.

Drone filming in New York is challenging and for this particular job it wasn’t the right choice. Flying over the Hudson river on one of the busiest air corridors in the Country is no place for drones.  Further, the client wanted to fly our RED Epic in 5K. With limited flight time using that camera, the decision was made to film using our Robinson R44 helicopter. With the platform figured out, the next problem was budget.  When filming from a full size aircraft, we normally shoot with a Cineflex or Shotover using our RED camera. There was no budget for that on this project.  Next we would turn to our side mount stabilized platform. Sadly there was no budget for that either.  Their original low quote from the company who backed out was just too low to do anything with.  Our only solution was to film handheld using a gyro mounted to the RED and have the client post-stabilize the footage.  Definitely not ideal but there was nothing else in the budget to work with.

You can view one of the completed videos here.