Choosing An Aerial Photography Company

Are you choosing an aerial photography company for your next project?

When choosing an aerial photography company, just a quick Google search will return many choices for you.  From companies with a small GoPro equipped quadcopter to companies like ours that specialize in DSLR and cinema camera footage.  How can you tell what is right for you?  First, make sure the company you’re considering is insured for unmanned aircraft photography. This class of insurance is far more expensive than general photographers liability however any reputable aerial filming company will provide you with a certificate of insurance showing coverage. Also, make sure that the company has at least one complete set of backup equipment on your job. This way even the most catastrophic failure won’t slow down your schedule.  Last, before you hire someone, make sure to ask for un-stabilized video from the platform they will fly.  This way you can see what you should expect. If the company has good equipment and talented operators, this shouldn’t be an issue.  Check out some sample footage from our Canon 5Diii equipped octocopter.  This demo was shot on a day with 15mph winds and you’ll see that the footage is rock solid.  Most companies won’t fly in conditions like this however with our equipment, it’s no problem. We also provide larger octocopters which carry our RED Epic platform and they perform the exact same way.  When you need steady footage, within your budget, just give us a call to get started.

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