Drone Filming Company

Looking for a drone filming company? One of a producer’s biggest challenges is how to bring potent, memorable imagery to the screen with the highest production value for the least amount of money. The Aerial Filming Company facilitates this with its unique ability to execute intricate, elegant camera moves efficiently and expediently. Production savings of 80% or greater are possible when using an unmanned aerial system as an alternative to other, more traditional, production tools such as cable systems or full-scale helicopters. We offer packages at multiple price points to facilitate budgets for the big screen, small screen, and the web.

In many parts of the world, filmmakers cannot access sophisticated film production tools. Either the territory is too vast with no production centers close by, or technology is inaccessible due to its formidable expense. The compactness and ease with which our equipment ships allows for it to be utilized anywhere on the planet with a minimum of lead-time.

with experience shooting on feature films, episodic television, TV commercials, narrative shorts, music videos and digital series for a variety of clients.