Professional Drone Company Atlanta

Professional Drone Company in Atlanta

Atlanta is a home for reputable filming companies. Professional drones make the best films. The Aerial Filming Company has talented pilots, veteran drone operators and renowned filmmakers, so you are guaranteed to have high quality and stunning shots from this professional drone company Atlanta. The services provided are first-class yet very affordable. The Aerial Filming Company is a Professional drone company Atlanta that makes drones more accessible and affordable day by day. Use of drones has eliminated the need for hiring expensive cranes and helicopters for capturing aerial footage.

Requirements for using drones

Professional aerial filming using drones requires an in-depth understanding of the set rules and regulations governing the usage of drones. The Aerial Filming Company deeply understands the ever-changing drone laws for safety. Thus, you do not need to study these strenuous laws as it is already done for you! Furthermore, the rules keep on changing since aerial filming is a new phenomenon and it is still under transformation. Besides, the company provides high-class professionals with an impeccable safety record while operating crewless aerial vehicles. The company’s commitment and reputation regarding safety make it stand out when looking for a professional drone company Atlanta.

The art of filming is another essential requirement while using drones. This ensures you get the perfect shot, as well as excellent quality, live aerial footage. Our company is made of a team of seasoned professionals with vast operational experience. The cinematography team utilizes a scientific and proven procedure to execute every project to successful completion. The techniques used guarantee high levels of success in aerial filming projects.

Uses for drones

Televisions and films are the major industries where this technology has been majorly implemented. Professional drone company Atlanta such as The Aerial Filming Company, provides unmatched aerial cinematography services. The aerial footage obtained is of high quality in terms of picture and video clarity. Veteran drone pilots in the company provide stellar film and television services using sophisticated drone cameras. Our heavy lift drones carry RED and Arri cameras for all types of film and TV productions.

The advertisement sector is another one that is currently depending on the drones’ technology. Aerial cinematography has been utilized to create stunning advertisement pieces that captivate attention from the intended audience. The company is distinguished for making award-winning ads for reputable companies.

Companies worked with

As a Professional drone company Atlanta, The Aerial Filming Company has worked with a multitude of reputable companies globally. The company boasts a myriad of esteemed customers such as CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, and plenty more. The reputation with these companies speaks for itself. Other companies that have been beneficiaries of our creativity and expertise include Jaguar, and Amazon. The companies have primarily increased their sales and customer base through our created advertisements. Professional aerial filming services have undoubtedly transformed the filming industry and the corporate media world.

If you want to present your audience with a different point of view, aerial filming is a great option. Using a set of advanced set of cameras and drones, it is possible to provide your users with a different view that would be possible to capture from the ground level. It would be the best way to revolutionize your filming work. Reach out to discuss your project now!