Specialty Camera Movement

We specialize in specialty camera movement of all types; from drone cinematography with Heavy Lift Drones and our Cable Cams to our Rover RC platform (Agito dolly) and Motocrane Ultra Arm Car (Russian Arm). Our FAA certified pilots, all have thousands of drone flight hours,  a minimum of 15 years flying experience and a pilot license for full size aircraft. Offering both union and non-union crews for your production, we’re ready to bring your visual story to life by putting the camera into otherwise impossible or tricky situations to obtain shots which are not easily captured by other methods. Working with cutting edge camera movement technology, we strive to deliver a unique experience on set while maintaining our perfect safety record. 



Whether it’s airspace analysis or permitting, we make drone integration easy and seamless for our clients. Our rates include coordination of aerial permits at both the local and Federal level.

Cinema Cameras

We own multiple cinema camera systems and lenses that cover a variety of cinematography needs.

Drone Crews

Our professional cinematographers and pilots will execute your vision while keeping your production on schedule and on budget

Single Source Provider

Arm cars, agito remote control dollies, cable cams, remote heads are all available and ready to work on your project. From mobile mounted to technocrane, source from a single vendor for all your camera movement needs.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and carry up to $10 million in general liability aviation insurance, up to $5 million in unmanned aircraft insurance as well as workers comp to satisfy all studio requirements.

FAA Approved

We are FAA Part 107 approved for drone cinematography as well as being Section 44807 approved over 55lbs and also approved by Transport Canada for work anywhere in the Country. We will handle everything from permit to wrap to make your shoot go smoothly. Our 14 year record of perfect safety on film productions speaks for itself.

Powered by the latest and most reliable technology in our industry.

Full cinema packages with FIZ control and video village.