Agito Dolly Rental | Freefly Tero

TAFC Rover Camera Car Rental

RC controlled specialty camera movement platform

If you are looking for Agito Dolly Rental | Freefly Tero rental, look no further. Our TAFC Rover camera car platform, is a modular robotic dolly system, offering multiple wire-free configurations to suit your filming needs; it’s a Swiss Army knife for broadcasters. 

As a free roaming dolly system, we can create smooth camera movements up to five feet in height. This single system mimics the movement of many types of equipment including jibs, dolly and tracks, but the Rover is faster, more accurate and repeatable. Minimal setup time and compact form factor reduce production costs, making the Rover the most affordable way to capture cinematic movement. We can also provide a fully licensable microwave downlink system to ensure safe and reliable control of dolly and head in a live production or sporting environment.

Our TAFC Rover crew consists of our driver and remote camera operator.

We supply Aigto Dolly rental | Freefly Tero rental with our MōVI PRO and we can supply the camera of choice.

The car in its current configuration is capable of speeds up to 45mph, and will take camera packages complete with Cine Lens, Follow focus, Matte box and wireless HD transmission. This now enables everything from dolly like shots to high speed vehicle tracking, with all the typical cinema tools so nothing is compromised.

Typically we choose to mount 10-15lb camera systems including the MoVI however lower speeds come with higher payload capacity. With the MIMIC and wireless focus control, you can control the camera movement & focus easily for precise framing and accuracy.

Our camera car system has been fine tuned further with wider wheel base, high performance batteries, electronic stability / drift control and acceleration custom mapping, to ensure the most stable and safe operation possible.

Our Rover is a slightly larger version of the Freefly Tero and for our cinema friends, this provides the same capacity and function as an Agito dolly.  Tracks aren’t necessary however we can use them if required.

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