Heavy Lift Drone Rental (with crew)

ALTA X is a professional multi-rotor aircraft designed for demanding cinematic, professional, and industrial applications. ALTA X will fly typical cinema cameras for 35 minutes, 20 lb payload for 20 minutes, or at max payload for 8 minutes. Many productions use our drones in addition to our other camera movement gear on the same day which allows for consistent shots and lower production costs.

Approved for 55 lb+ flight under FAA Section 44807, we’re ready to work on your next project.  

Note that we do not rent just the drone. It comes fully crewed for an 8hr day.

We also offer the Alta X in an NDAA Compliant Version

NDAA Compliance: What is it and what does it mean for Unmanned Aerial Systems?

In the drone industry, “NDAA compliance” is shorthand for “supply chain security.” NDAA compliance refers to a federal law prohibiting the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) from buying drones:


1.Manufactured in a covered foreign country, or by a company based in a covered foreign country; or

2. That use flight controllers, radios, data transmission devices, cameras, gimbals, ground control systems, or operating software manufactured in a covered foreign country or by a company based in a covered foreign country.

That law, Section 848 of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), defined a “covered foreign country” to mean China. In 2022, Congress updated the law to include Russia, Iran and North Korea. Recently, Congress extended the law even further to apply to the private sector. Beginning in October 2024, private companies can not use DJI to perform contracts for the Department of Defense.


NDAA compliance is primarily focused on the supply chain–where the drone and its key components are made, and where the manufacturer is based. Importantly, it is not a rule that the drone must be 100% free of all parts from a covered foreign country, only those specifically listed in #2 above.

Navigating the “UAS Blue List” isn’t easy.  Give us a call at 855-264-3456 to discuss your project.