Heavy Lift Drone Rental (with crew)

ALTA X is a professional multi-rotor aircraft designed for demanding cinematic, professional, and industrial applications. ALTA X will fly typical cinema cameras for 35 minutes, 20 lb payload for 20 minutes, or at max payload for 8 minutes. Many productions use our drones in addition to our other camera movement gear on the same day which allows for consistent shots and lower production costs.

Approved for 55 lb+ flight under FAA Section 44807, we’re ready to work on your next project.  

Note that we do not rent just the drone. It comes fully crewed for an 8hr day.

We also offer the Alta X (DIU Blue Package)

If you’ve got a client requesting a DIU Blue certified drone, look no further. This special edition Alta X comes with everything you need for a job or client that requires that you fly a DIU blue listed aircraft.

  • It features a US-made PX4 Blue Cube.
  • The Blue Cube is equipped with firmware that permanently disables WiFi to comply with DIU Blue requirements and can only have Blue qualified firmware installed in the field.
  • This kit is certified Blue by DIU.