About Us

We are Camera Movement Specialists

We specialize in remote camera movement of all types; from heavy lift drones and full size helicopters to arm cars and cable cams, our crews will put the camera into otherwise impossible or tricky situations. All our Pilots are FAA licensed for full size aircraft as well as drones with thousands of manned and unmanned flight hours.

With offices in Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, and Summit NJ our DP’s, cinematographers, professional pilots and technicians can act as your 1st or 2nd unit. From working with talent to capturing background plates for VFX, one call does it all. Our staff are all full time professionals.

We have the creative experience to collaborate with directors, cinematographers and VFX teams to develop stunning shot design that elevates your story and brings that vision to life. Our production coordinators are here to help make sure your project goes smoothly . 

Studios and productions of all sizes look to us to produce the highest quality footage with the least amount of hassle, the first time, every time. We’re an approved drone company for Netflix and Apple TV.