The Aerial Filming Company is a professional drone company Atlanta that specializes in high-quality productions. We have established a name for ourselves as the best drone creators in the entire region. Our talented team is comprised of expert technicians, licensed pilots and veteran filmmakers. The Aerial Filming Company specializes in creating high-quality content for a wide-range of mediums.

From music videos and commercials to tv shows and full-length movies, our team has the expertise and equipment to complete any project. The Aerial Filming Company always offers affordable prices so that clients of any size can receive projects of professional quality. We don’t believe that drone services should only be accessible to the well-established or wealthy. The Aerial Filming Company is proud to make their work accessible to even “the little guy”.

The Aerial Filming Company has a reputation as a trusted drone producer.

Drone services in a video production is a fairly new concept. In the past, only Hollywood movies with massive budgets were able to get those sublime aerial shots. With the advancing technology in the drone industry however, this ability has fallen into the hands of average individuals. Having a drone is not enough to create top-quality productions however. There is still a high-level of expertise required in this process.

Productions in search of drone services need to be sure to conduct a significant amount of research beforehand. Not every company with a drone has the requirements to pull off the production that is desired. The Aerial Filming Company has built a reputation as the best drone company Atlanta. In fact, our team has worked with some esteemed clients in the past including Lifetime, ESPN, NatGeo, NBC, CBS, ABC and other well-established companies.

Wide-Range of Services

As the leading drone company Atlanta, The Aerial Filming Company offers a wide-range of production services. Our team of world-class pilots and filmmakers can offer aerial footage that no other team can produce. Here are the different kinds of productions that one can expect from The Aerial Filming Company.

Films and Television

No other drone company Atlanta can provide Hollywood-quality productions for our low rates. The Aerial Filming Company has worked with high-budget clients to make some truly stunning sequences with our licensed pilots and expert cinematographers. Whether filming an aerial production for a television show or full-length film, our staff always provides quality results for our clients.


The Aerial Filming Company understands the difficulties that advertisers face on a daily basis. The onslaught of advertisements has made it more difficult get the attention of an audience. With unique drone footage, advertisers can transform their campaign and produce ads that will capture the interest of their target demographic. The Aerial Filming Company has worked with the likes of Amazon, Jaguar and Mercedes to help enhance the production of their advertisements.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact The Aerial Filming Company today to talk with a representative. We take time to talk with each of our clients to better understand their production needs and to show how our services can meet those needs. Through our creative cinematographers, talented pilots and expert drone equipment, we strive to transform the visions of our clients into real productions.