Aerial Filming Case Study – Miss America

Tall Pony Productions has put on the Miss America Pageant for years and we were able to work with them on the 2016 production.  Their editors wanted to capture everything in 4K RAW so that they had the ability to place graphics over the shots and form the cold open to the show.  We were asked to fly our Blackmagic 4K Production Camera with Canon Glass.  We were flying a 24mm f/1.4L lens so remote zoom wasn’t required however we controlled both focus and iris remotely. The client wanted to shoot sunrise and sunset to there was very little time to bring their vision to life. Our custom built octocopter was perfect for the job, providing an HD downlink for the producer and director as well as a separate one for our camera operator. Flying in from the Atlantic Ocean, up the beach to the front of the famed Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City was a blast. Seeing the graphic treatment done to the footage when it aired during the live show was even better.