Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured? – Yes we carry up to 10 million in unmanned aircraft insurance, up to 20 million in general aviation insurance as well as workers comp.

How long does it take to setup and fly? – In most cases, a 90-minute pre-call is requested when production provides the camera and lenses.

Can we fly our camera on your drone? – We have a huge selection of in house camera gear and lenses however if you want to fly your own, we would need to make sure it’s within our weight specifications. Please note that if we’re flying your camera, it is not covered by our insurance.

What lenses do you fly? – We own and fly a large selection of cine glass. If yours isn’t on this list, we can probably fly it, we just don’t own it.

How long can we shoot? – All day. Flight time is always dependent on conditions however our batteries provide approximately 20min flight times with the RED or Alexa Mini. We’re charging batteries throughout your shoot as necessary to make sure we capture the footage you require.

What is the wait time between flights? – Usually about 4 minutes to swap out batteries and media.

Do you require electric or grip support? – Depending on your shoot, we may request a dedicated 6000w generator.

Do you provide a video downlink? – Yes, we provide HD wireless downlinks with no latency. Depending on the situation, we provide a 19″ client monitor or 8″ handheld monitor. We can also feed your production truck directly for live footage via HD or Microwave.

What type of distance restrictions do we have? – In the USA, We are certified under Part 107, hold a Section 44807 Exemption (over 55lbs) and are authorized to fly at night. In Canada, we are approved by Transport Canada for flights anywhere in their Country. All of our operations are done “line of sight”, usually less than 750ft horizontal, and under 200ft vertical.

What makes your drones different? – Our drones are professional, purpose built aerial filming rigs. By using cutting edge technology we are able to perform in conditions where other companies can’t.

I need aerial filming in Georgia. Does your company qualify for the Georgia Film Production Tax Incentive? – Yes! We are a fully qualified Georgia vendor and if you hire us, as long as your production is eligible, we meet the requirements for the Georgia Film Production Incentive.

We want to “grab a few quick shots” with the RED for our project. Can you help? – Our crew comes prepared to work for the day to help get as many shots as you desire. Use our additional camera unit as you wish, pre- and post-flight. The 8 hour day is yours to fill however you choose.