Atlanta Drones

The demand for drones has continued to rise in recent years. Not only are more companies producing impressive units, more and more uses are being found for these drones. In the past, a majority of drone users were only interested in the devices for recreation. Whether flying around for fun or getting a bird’s eye view of their location, the uses were somewhat limited in scope. However, many people are beginning to use drones for specific purposes such as surveillance and land surveying for farming. The filmmaking industry is perhaps the largest consumer of drone technology as these devices can capture incredible footage at an affordable rate.

The Aerial Filming Company delivers the supply for the demand of Atlanta drones from filmmakers around the state. Our Atlanta drones are operated by licensed pilots, experienced technicians and talented cinematographers that will work under the direction of our clients in order to provide any shot necessary. Our goal is to bring the vision of a client to life through drone technology.

We work with a host of different creators in a wide-range of mediums. The Aerial Filming Company has worked on feature films, televisions series and even commercials. We have also worked on music videos for many different artists. We pride ourselves on a quick turn-around time and the delivery of quality products.

Flying Safe and Secure

Although our creative output is not limited, we do understand the regulations surrounding the use of drones. We ensure that every drone flight follows the strict rules of that given area. Our operators are always working within the laws set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Aerial Filming Company has a long-history of safe flights. We comply with all of the permit and license requirements in regards to operating a drone. All of our Atlanta drones are flown by licensed and experienced pilots with a track record of successful flights. The Aerial Filming Company is not only concerned with the safety of our equipment. We take every safety measure necessary to ensure that the ground crew and any bystanders remains completely safe. Our pilots remain adequately trained with continuous investments being put towards their licensing and skills. Our pilots always receive the necessary changes as new regulations form the FAA may arise.

Receive an Aerial Production

Our clients have opted to utilize our services in order to offer their audiences a new perspective. We strive to set ourselves apart from other drone flyers in the area. Our team only uses the latest and most advanced equipment in the industry. From drones and cameras to gimbals and controllers, we only use top-of-the-line gear to offer our clients the best pieces of content available.

Through our advanced drone operations, directors can achieve scenes that would otherwise be impossible. Even specialized camera operators can’t match the level of production that our drones can create. Emotions can be captured in different ways with the use of a drone. Perhaps a scene in a movie needs something special and unique that a camera can’t quite get correct. These are the times when The Aerial Filming Company can step in and make the needed difference.

Producers are always happy to find our services to be cost-effective. A normal production team requires more staff members and pieces of equipment. The Aerial Filming Company can achieve more with less. Other than a drone pilot and some onsite technicians, no staff is required for our productions. No other service can provide better results for a lower cost.

Transform Your Production

Don’t hesitate to contact our production office today to start brainstorming some ideas. You can also visit our website to receive a free and immediate quote on your new project.