Heavy lift cinema drones for breathtaking shots.



100mph racing drones capable of carrying the RED V-Raptor!

More than just


As a free roaming dolly system, the Rover can create smooth camera movements up to 5 feet in height. This single system mimics the movement of many types of equipment including jibs, dolly and Tracks, but the Rover is faster, more accurate and repeatable

Full size


We can provide our 6 axis Cineflex gimbal for your project.


The Aerial Filming Company is one of the movie industry’s most sought-after companies in the drone cinematography business. Our veteran and licensed drone pilots combine with our cutting-edge camera operators to turn video production visions into realities. Whether you need aerial shots for Feature Films, Episodic or Live TV or TV commercials, The Aerial Filming Company is the company you can trust to get the job done quickly, correctly, and affordably.


We specialize in drone cinematography with Alexa Mini & RED cameras, cinema glass, FIZ, etc for Feature Films, Live TV, Episodic TV & Commercials.

Heavy Lift Cinema Drones, Cinematic FPV, Drone Lighting, Motocrane Ultra Arms, Cable Cams and Cineflex, we’re your one call for camera movement needs!

We sell Quality, Service and Dependability in that order. We get paid to produce the highest quality footage with the least amount of hassle, the first time, every time.

Our cutting edge systems combined with top cinema cameras and optics deliver stunning shots and increase production value.


Proudly serving feature film and episodic tv clients! We are camera movement specialists! Let us add you to our list of satisfied clients.
The Aerial Filming Company

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