Los Angeles Drone Film Permit

Los Angeles Drone Film Permit

Launched in 2012, The Aerial Filming Company  is dedicated to using uav technology for low altitude aerial cinematography. Our skilled and experienced team has worked with a range of clients in the entertainment industry and beyond. When it comes to your Los Angeles drone film permit, our crew can manage all of the paperwork, insurance and questionnaires that go into your application.

At The Aerial Filming Company, we understand exactly how much time and effort attaining your Los Angeles drone film permit can consume. Our team has the essential experience that your production needs in order to ensure that every detail is managed appropriately. Our Los Angeles drone film permit services make it possible for your production to run as efficiently as possible.

We Can Help With Your Los Angeles Drone Film Permit

Are you a producer who is interested in possibly using a drone for you next shoot within the Greater Los Angeles area? A Los Angeles drone film permit is needed by every production.The Aerial Filming Company will manage the comprehensive questionnaire that goes into the permit application as well as all of the paperwork and insurance. Our reliable team will complete all of your production’s film permit paperwork, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Do you know that different cities have unique rules and regulations when it comes to drone filming? In order to obtain your Los Angeles drone film permit, you must successfully complete and submit all film paperwork required by the drone permit process. As a producer, you understand that it can be costly and time-consuming to receive the appropriate permits from the range of locations your production will visit. If you want to shoot in Los Angeles, you know that you need a film permit. As a producer, you will have to get in touch with the office of municipalities. You will also have to apply for a film permit and inform the agency that you are also using a drone. There can be lot of paperwork required and no room for mistakes.

The Aerial Filming Company does all of the required paperwork for your production. Our Los Angeles drone film permit saves you time and effort. Companies like Film LA handle the Greater Los Angeles area but they do not offer help with drone permitting. Only established companies like The Aerial Filming Company can take care of all the necessary FAA and film permit paperwork. To learn more aboutThe Aerial Filming Company and how to attain a Los Angeles drone film permit, please call 855-264-3456 or visit our website.