Freefly Movi Pro

The MōVI is a camera stabilizer, turning shaky, handheld footage into cinematic, stable and smooth footage.   

We have more “in-house” Freefly MōVI Pro remote heads/gimbals than most large rental houses do! The latest MōVI PRO can carry 15lbs (RED / Alexa Mini, Zoom Lens &  Fiz). 

When renting from us, we can provide your production with techs, operators and DP’s.

The set-up is small and compact – perfect for a “run’n’gun” type production and unpredictable documentary shoots. It can be operated by one person, using the Majestic Mode, a two-person team with remote control over pan and tilt or even a three-person team, using a dedicated focus puller.

Depending on your needs, we’ll bring everything needed to use the MoVI on a professional set, including: MoVI, MoVI remote control, batteries, 3 channel wireless lens control, wireless video & monitors for operators. 

Need a camera too? Ask us for a quote today!