aerial filming over water

Tall Ship Kalmar Nyckel Aerial Filming

Tall ship aerial filming We were fortunate enough to provide tall ship aerial filming of the Kalmar Nyckel for an upcoming documentary.  WHile the documentary isn’t publically released yet, this is UNSTABILIZED footage to show what you can expect when filming in high wind situations. The original Kalmar Nyckel was one of America’s pioneering colonial ships, a Mayflower of the Delaware Valley, yet …

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panasonic gh4 aerial filming drone

FAA Approved Drone Company

Looking for an FAA Approved Drone Company? The Aerial filming Company is now approved for Section 333 exemption allowing for commercial use. The Aerial Filming Company has become the first commercial drone company in New Jersey to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval under Section 333 exemption. This allows for aerial filming and cinematography as well as live broadcast in the Motion Picture …

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aerial filming music video

Aerial Filming Music Videos

Aerial Filming Music Videos Ever wondered how Aerial Filming Music Videos is done? We recently filmed the music video for Warner Brothers Records recording artist Royal Blood. We flew a client provided Canon 7D with Zeiss 1.2 Superspeed Anamorphic Lens so that it would match the Arri Alexa footage from the rest of the shoot. When you look at the …

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Aerial Filming For Commercial Real Estate

Aerial Filming For Commercial Real Estate With commercial real estate photography, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Sometimes you just need to have that picture be an aerial one. The unique perspective that Aerial Filming For Commercial Real Estate provides just can’t be matched with any other platform. We use unmanned helicopters to capture awesome low angle …

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aerial filming golf course

Aerial Filming For Municipal Pools And Waterpark Facilities

Aerial Filming For Municipal Pools And Waterpark Facilities Aerial filming for municipal pools and waterpark facilities can provide a unique vantage point. You’ve taken the time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. The facility looks beautiful and is ready for the season.  Now what? How to drive new members and visitors alike in to your facility?  By using …

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Using Video Drones For Aerial Oil And Gas Surveys

Using Video Drones For Aerial Oil And Gas Surveys When you have the need for aerial inspection services, unmanned helicopters are a great alternative. Have you wondered how you could be using drones for aerial oil and gas surveys? For example, companies can hire us to survey pipelines, check safety details of operations, inspect live flare emissions, detect offshore oil leaks …

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