Russian Arm

The Russian Arm is one of our most versatile tools. It is the unique combination of the carbon fiber gyro-stabilized Flight Head on the end of the famous Russian Arm. 

  • The Russian Arm System is so light that it can be shipped and attached to almost any roof rack.
  • It is safely operated via joystick consoles from within the Chase Car or Picture Vehicle.
  • It is a low profile high speed mobile crane arm used for photographing moving vehicles from just about any & every angle you want in all weather conditions.
russian arm rental

When speed with sharp steering and the ultimate handling is required, our Porsche Cayenne Turbo safely puts the power down from idle to 60mph in 4-seconds. The Cayenne twin-turbo V-8 delivers 500hp and 516 lbs-ft of torque on double wishbone front suspension that can carve through corners like a knife and make you forget that it is an SUV.

Our Porsche Cayenne all-wheel drive system can easily manage the Russian Arm as well as a Spring Mount Post System fitted with several Flight Head options designed to dampen the high/low frequency vibrations associated with ultimate speed motion film.


  • 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized
  • Boom length: 11.3'
  • Lens high range: 9.7' above grade
  • Crane pan speed: 360° in 6 sec.
  • Payload capacity: (Camera) 44 lbs.
  • Operating weight of crane: 309 lbs