aerial filming parks and recreation

Aerial Filming for Parks and Recreation

Aerial Filming Parks Recreation We had the pleasure of working with Readington Township NJ on aerial filming parks recreation to help create a commercial to show off their Township. They want people to experience Readington, experience Community and experience Fun. The greatest thing about aerial filming parks recreation is that you get to show off facilities that residents may not …

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Aerial Filming – Unstabilized footage sample

Choosing an aerial filming company When choosing an aerial filming company, make sure to ask to see unstabilized footage from the camera and drone platform you’ll be using. This clip was shot with a 15 mph cross wind and the aircraft moving at 20 mph towards the moving barge so you can get a good idea of the stabilization properties of …

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panasonic gh4 aerial filming drone

FAA Approved Drone Company

Looking for an FAA Approved Drone Company? The Aerial filming Company is now approved for Section 333 exemption allowing for commercial use. The Aerial Filming Company has become the first commercial drone company in New Jersey to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval under Section 333 exemption. This allows for aerial filming and cinematography as well as live broadcast in the Motion Picture …

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Aerial Filming Events

Do you need aerial filming for events? Our cameras were overhead during Art Basel in Miami Beach. We captured the venue from every angle along with great shots of the Miami skyline. maxgallery id=”941″ Art Basel stages the world’s premier Modern and contemporary art shows, held annually in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Founded by gallerists in 1970, Art …

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aerial inspection mapping

Using Unmanned Helicopters For Pre-Construction View Survey

Pre-construction view survey When you have new construction, a pre-construction view survey provides a great way to show prospective tenants what they can expect for their money. Our aerial platform can provide you with stills, HD video, 4K video or 6K video for your next project.  Some of the many reasons to integrate our service into your project are; Aerial …

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Filming The Northeast In Fall

Aerial Filming Service It’s not too late to call our aerial filming service.  It might be true that it’s getting colder in the Northeast and daylight is quickly becoming a precious commodity but there is still plenty of time to film your aerial video or aerial photography project.  Our aerial platform can provide you with high quality still photos, HD video, …

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Aerial Filming For Documentary Filmmakers

Aerial Filming For Documentary Filmmakers by The Aerial Filming Company LLC We recently flew high over the Connecticut River capturing 4K footage of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant for an upcoming HBO documentary.  The plant has been the subject of much criticism and its closure plan is drawing the attention of many residents. Our aircraft can provide you with a rock …

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blackmagic 4k production camera aerial filming drone

Aerial Filming With Blackmagic 4K Production Camera

Have you thought about aerial filming with Blackmagic 4K Production Camera? Aerial filming with Blackmagic 4K Production Camera is the perfect choice when standard DSLR video from a camera such as the Canon 5Diii just doesn’t have the latitude you need for post and your budget can’t afford to fly a Red Epic with Dragon sensor. Just contact us and …

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aerial filming music video

Aerial Filming Music Videos

Aerial Filming Music Videos Ever wondered how Aerial Filming Music Videos is done? We recently filmed the music video for Warner Brothers Records recording artist Royal Blood. We flew a client provided Canon 7D with Zeiss 1.2 Superspeed Anamorphic Lens so that it would match the Arri Alexa footage from the rest of the shoot. When you look at the …

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